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About Us

Welcome to Atelier TEN3, a collaborative branding agency and design studio where creativity and strategy meet. Our atelier serves as more than just a workspace; it's a haven where innovation thrives, and ideas transform into captivating designs. As visual storytellers, our approach goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring that each project reflects not only graphic design expertise but a comprehensive understanding of brand strategy and development.


At Atelier TEN3, we take pride in being partners on your creative journey, providing a seamless, enjoyable, and efficient experience. Explore our expertise in branding, graphic design, logo design, brand strategy, brand development, and visual identity. Together, let's craft a visual narrative that speaks volumes and resonates effortlessly – because exceptional design is not just our expertise; it's our commitment.

Our Team

Sharon Robustelli

Creatively Strategic

Sharon is our co-founder and a marketing communications veteran. She knows what makes people take action and makes sure your vision connects with the right consumer target and gets results.

Anthony Robustelli

Strategically Creative

Co-founder Anthony brings a unique perspective and creative approach to every project. He blends innovation with a deep understanding of what captures audience attention and drives engagement.

Hope Van Ness

Innovatively Tactical

Hope is the ideal person to navigate our workflows and keep every project on track. She deftly manages timelines, budgets, and the dynamic energy of creative minds at work.

Are you looking to elevate your brand's visibility, build meaningful connections, and drive positive narratives to captivate and engage your target audience?

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